My name is Justin Bureau.
I'm a French Designer living in New York.
I build products by turning napkin sketches into real life applications.

Parisian startup / film production company producing innovative media formats such as web series and interactive web series. I've had the pleasure to work closely with them by leading the artistic concept behind the first French web series and designing the UX experience for a one-of-a-kind serious game.

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Ce Soir Il Conclut
Serious game about alcohol prevention. Awarded special prize TOP/COM/ Page Jaunes du Digital and TOP/COM/ d’OR – catégorie « Site évènementiel ».
Role: Lead Designer
Gertrude is a community of unique art experiences to learn, discuss and collect contemporary art curated by today’s visionaries. I've had the privilege to advise both products built by the company: an online platform for art private salons and a website where you can buy and sell fine art.
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Gertrude is a community of unique art experiences to learn, discuss and collect contemporary art curated by today’s visionaries.
Role: Design Advisor

We’re a partnership of entrepreneurs who build stunning digital products and consult for top corporations around the world. I joined Stellarbase on October 2017 as a full time Partner and Designer.
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Co-founded by Benjamin Millepied and Nicholas Britell, Artform is a digital network for the fine arts.
Role: Product Management & Lead Designer

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Online platform providing unique insights on startup companies.
Role: Product Management & Designer

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Stellar Formation
Online form to incorporate your startup in minutes.
Role: Designer
I co-founded Cramberry aiming at revolutionizing the way students learn with and from each other.
Cramberry a258de770b44263ff4de6439f34bb7b623e44cea33dff6b677c1db10bc054f99
Peer-to-peer marketplace for quality study guides.
Role: Co-founder & Head of Product / Design
I.D.E.A (Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship & Art) is a interdisciplinary program based on Design Thinking. It is affiliated with EMLyon Business School (#3 French Business School), Ecole CENTRALE Lyon (#6 French Engineering School) and ponsored by International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. As a member of this program, I've had the honor to attend to two international design exhibitions.